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Casino Tournaments

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Please choose website and LOG INTO your account:

Free Points How To Play - Step 1


Click on the CASINO tab:

Free Points How To Play - Step 2


Click on the TOURNAMENT icon:

Free Points How To Play - Step 3


Once you click on tournament, you will see which tournament is open:

  • Shows start and end date/time plus # of games.
  • Shows the leaderboard by points.
  • Customers can scroll left or right to choose game.
Free Points How To Play - Step 4

You Play with your Real Money, to qualify you must make at least one deposit per week. All game play accumulates points. Top Scores and your score can be viewed on the menu of the tournament info or inside a specific game by clicking the small arrow at the bottom left inside a game and the player performance report. You can enter multiple tournaments at the same time.
Several links are located to the left of the tournament choices which list prizes, completed tournaments, player performance and current tournaments.

Games played + Number of different games played if multiple games offered in the tournament + Net winnings + Total risked + Total winnings + Ratio of other players game play statistics, Divided by the amount of time remaining in the tournament.

The Player can enter the tournament free, there is no entry cost. Play risking your real money and all game play winnings are yours to with draw or to use to play other tournament games or regular casino games.

However all your game play will accumulate points and if you have the most points by the end of the tournament you will win one of the posted prizes. Points can increase and decrease depending on your game play and the other players’ game play. So keep playing and keep checking your score because another player is trying to beat your score.

Hint: if there are multiple games in the tournament play as many as you can.

"No risk" betting in games will not be acceptable. Example: Betting only on red and black in the game of Roulette. Other games are Hoo Hey How and 30/40. Any game play of the type will cause the players’ score to be eliminated from the prize pool.